• Clinical Associate Professor, Global Health
Nancy Campbell

Population Leadership Program
Seattle, WA
United States

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Nancy strives to serve the disadvantaged by developing world leaders committed to improving the human condition. As an experienced executive in the public and non-profit sectors for twenty years, she led large-scale organizational change efforts. Nancy understands the challenges leaders face when making adaptive change that require working with multiple stakeholders in changing environments. Nancy has been privileged to help public sector and non-governmental leaders and teams in the U.S. and other countries achieve their goals.

Nancy collaborates with leaders to build self-awareness, clarity of mission and the interpersonal and team-building skills needed to effectively work together. Skilled in both management and leadership practices, she believes in finding an individual’s or a system’s strengths and uses appreciative behavioral-shaping strategies to support needed change.

Nancy has provided leadership training and facilitation in countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia. She works with leaders from around the world in several professional development programs. She has served as a Special Master and Deputy Special Master in state and federal class action lawsuits.

  • MA (State University of New York (Albany))
  • BA (McGill University (Canada))
  • Spanish
Health Topics 
  • Leadership and Organizational Development

Leadership development; change management; team building


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