• Associate Professor, Global Health
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Pharmacy
Joseph Babigumira

University of Washington
Global Medicines Program
Box 357965
Seattle, WA
United States

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Joseph's main research interest is improving access to safe and cost-effective diagnostic technologies, medicines, and healthcare delivery platforms in low-income countries. He is involved in the development of methods for applied health economic evaluations specific to poor country settings. His areas of current study are male circumcision for HIV prevention, medicines regulation and quality assurance, alcohol use disorder, breast cancer treatment, and cervical cancer prevention.

  • PhD (University of Washington)
  • MS (Case Western Reserve University)
  • MBChB (Mbarara University of Science and Technology)
Country Affiliations 
Health Topics 
  • Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Distance Learning
  • Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Health Financing
  • Health Outcomes
  • Health Technologies
  • Male Circumcision
  • Mental Health
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Use

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