• Affiliate Associate Professor, Global Health
  • Research Associate, University of Manchester
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+86 13986108301
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Dr. Hao Li received his Ph.D degree in management from Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa in Dec. 2012. He joined Wuhan University in 2013 and is now working as a full time professor and the Vice Chair at the Department of Global Health, Wuhan University. He is the co-founding managing editor to launch the journal of Global Health Research and Policy and is now serving as the Editor in Chief. He teaches Global Health Governance course and is interested in health economics and management research in global health setting. He has also served as the Hospital Management Section editor for the journal INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing. He has implemented field research in Nepal and provided consultancy to Chinese companies to Africa.

  • PhD, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
  • PhD, Chongqing University
  • MBA, Chongqing University
Country Affiliations 
  • Mandarin
Health Topics 
  • Burden of Disease
  • COVID-19
  • Global Health Governance
  • Health Economics
  • Health Financing
  • Health Policy
  • Health Technologies
  • Mobile Health (mHealth)
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