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Dr. Kaysen is a clinical psychologist, and a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, with adjunct positions in Global Health and Psychology. She is the Director of the Trauma Recovery Innovations Program at the University of Washington, a division dedicated to developing and testing more accessible interventions for trauma-exposed populations. Dr. Kaysen has published over 100 refereed articles and her work has been supported by NIAAA, NIDA, NIMHD, DOD, and USAID. Her area of specialty both in research and clinical work is in treatment of those who have experienced traumatic events including PTSD, mood and substance use disorders. She has conducted critical studies on bidirectional relationships between PTSD and alcohol use, and on the treatment of PTSD and substance use across a variety of populations. Dr. Kaysen has conducted international studies to adapt evidence-based treatments for trauma-exposed populations for use in low- and middle-income settings such as treatment of PTSD for Congolese sexual assault survivors and Iraqi torture survivors and domestically has conducted work with rural Native Americans.

The following are articles on Dr. Kaysen's work in the Democratic Republic of Congo:
"Therapy for Victims of Sexual Violence Shows Promise in Congo," New York Times
"Easing the Trauma of Rape: Therapy Used for PTSD Also Helps Women in Congo,"Seattle Times
"Therapy for Sexual-violence Survivors Shows Promise," The Daily
"Why is mental illness so low on the global health agenda? " Humanosphere


  • PhD (University of Missouri - St. Louis)
  • MA (University of Missouri - St. Louis)
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  • Injury, Violence, Trauma and Domestic Violence
  • Mental Health

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