• Professor, Global Health
  • Professor, Health Systems and Population Health
  • Director, Community Oriented Public Health Practice

Office: Health Sciences H-690E
1959 NE Pacific
Box 357660
Seattle, WA 98195
United States

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Amy Hagopian is focused on putting war on the public health agenda, both for academics and practitioners. She is a founding member of a new organization, the Global Alliance on War, Conflict and Health.

She teaches classes on war, health policy, and public health skills, and guides students through practicum and capstone projects. She led a team to estimate mortality associated with the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and does other war epidemiology.

She’s also active in the School of Public Health's Center for Health Innovation & Policy Science (CHIPS), where she works on homelessness and incarceration as manifestations of the maldistribution of wealth and power. She is currently working on a new approach to homeless enumeration. In earlier parts of her career, she worked on rural health development and the migration of health workers from poor countries to rich ones.

She is active in the American Public Health Association’s international health section, homelessness caucus and peace caucus. She serves on the editorial board of the American Journal of Public Health.

  • MHA (University of Washington)
  • PhD (University of Washington)
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Health Topics 
  • Health Policy and Advocacy
  • Health Systems Strengthening and Human Resources Development
  • Homelessness
  • Incarceration
  • Political Economy of Health
  • Poverty
  • Race
  • War, Conflict, and Peace Studies
  • Workforce

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