Stephanie Smith
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Stephanie Smith finds that the Global Health Minor has provided her with hands-on, tangible knowledge that nicely supplements the more theoretical teachings in her major: international studies.  Stephanie loves knowledge and complex ideas, but is equally committed to engaging in projects that have lasting, meaningful impacts.  She has always wanted to work in the non-profit sector, focusing on social justice, and believes that the Global Health Minor has equipped her with many important tools to achieve this goal.  She has become focused on fieldwork, advocacy, awareness campaigns, and/or fundraising thanks to the instruction in the minor.

Citing an anthropology course that vastly expanded her understanding of self, society, and reproduction, Stephanie had a moment of clarity when she realized that “none of the pressing problems in global health can be solved if education and understanding are not fostered” on a global scale.  She believes that the greatest problems in the field of global health surround integration and cooperation, all of which needs to happen in an environment of sustained funding.  She believes strongly that global health must maintain its multidisciplinary focus and draw collaboratively from various disciplines in developing solutions to major health challenges.