Stanley Biryukov
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Junior Stan plans to attend medical school, but is currently applying for the Public Health Major and pursuing the Global Health Minor.  Stan thanks Professors Sparke and Gloyd for intensifying his nascent interest in the field of global health, and for showing him how he can meaningfully apply his interests in medicine to global health.

Stan appreciates that Global Health 101 emphasizes that economic and political decisions, particularly through policies, lead to health and the need for health interventions.  He also learned that NGOs themselves can be part of the problem and lead to unnecessary competition for resources and cause inefficiencies.  Stan believes that “our response to the growing inequities that lead to poor health will define the 21st Century.”

Expressing particular concern that the fruits of scientific advancement promote health for all, not just those with wealth, Stan sees equitable access to resources and technological advances as key challenges facing the global community.  He believes that nothing short of multi-lateral commitment to equity, education, and investments in human capital will truly promote the health of the world’s population.