Marina Fitzpatrick
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Marina Fitzpatrick was inspired by her sister to become involved in the field of global health after her sister volunteered her time to health-related causes in the Dominican Republic a couple years ago.  Marina learned that joint efforts can have powerful, healing effects and that perseverance is a valuable attribute.  She has also learned from her sister and others that human health and well-being are dependent on the pooled talent of committed, caring people.

Marina was drawn to the Global Health Minor because it offers flexibility in the coursework and because of the reputation of Department of Global Health professors and programs.  Marina intends to double major in international studies (with a focus on global health) and environmental studies, and hopes to find work and purpose working for a grassroots organization after college.

Committed to the twin themes of health and education, Marina believes that neither happens without the other and that education and health literacy happen in tandem.  She also believes that many global health challenges are rooted in the contemporary global political economy, particularly intense consumerism and a global trend towards more unequal societies.  She believes that, while difficult, dialogues about these topics could profoundly impact health outcomes globally.

Marina has also done something very remarkable recently: establishing a chapter of GlobeMed at the University of Washington.  GlobeMed is a non-profit organization that partners university students with a partner organization to promote the health of people living in poverty.  Marina successfully guided her peers through a long and challenging application process.   Now she begins trainings as the UW chapter’s leader and she is charged with developing projects, identifying an executive board, and stewarding the chapter and its projects going forward.  We are very proud of and grateful to Marina for these accomplishments.