Maria Travaille
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Maria Travaille is a freshman who is undecided about her major, but plans to focus on health through the disciplines of public health, medical anthropology, or biology.  Maria is pursuing the Global Health Minor because it takes seriously the claim that health has many dimensions and determinants; she is particularly interested in the social aspects of disease and how interactions between people shape health.

Maria has experience as an AIDS peer educator with the Bellevue School District and has worked closely with the Lifelong AIDS Alliance and the Chicken Soup Brigade.  These experiences, particularly learning how disease impacts people and their families, have given Maria a sense of purpose: serving others and exploring ways to lessen inequality in our world.  This core feature of the Global Health Minor that focuses on disparities and their origins is very attractive to Maria.

Maria is still exploring career options, but she is currently motivated to develop ‘good’ global health interventions, meaning those that serve target communities well.  She is keen to identify substantive means to reduce global inequalities and knows that these interventions take long-term dedication and attention to power structures at all scales.  She also believes in strong and candid health education processes that reduce stigma and discrimination for people living with disease.