Alex Rosinski
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Biochemistry major Alex Rosinski just graduated after Winter Quarter 2011.  Congratulations, Alex.  In September, Alex will begin classes in the Masters of Science in Global Health at the University of California San Francisco.  He intends to develop a career in global health, whether that be in the fields of research, policy, or perhaps even as a physician serving disenfranchised populations.  

In 2006, Alex began volunteering at a nonprofit primary health clinic for underserved residents of Marin City, California, a place with some of the poorest health outcomes in the state of California.  This experience prompted Alex to think deeply about health disparities and inequities.  Global health’s commitment to improve the condition of the world’s poor has drawn Alex to this field, as has the field’s serious attempts to be truly multidisciplinary.

Alex believes that in a globalized world we must educate young people to be global citizens who care across space; it is only in thinking through these lenses that possible alternatives to—and real solutions for—deep health inequalities will become clear.