Most students do not receive full funding, therefore, in order to minimize costs many students complete the program in four to five quarters. It looks something like this:  

  • In year one students complete the first three quarters consecutively and in-residence (required).
  • In year two, students often:
    • apply for Teaching or Research Assistant positions.
    • apply for FLAS Scholarships.
    • utilize Independent Learning to register for thesis and practicum credits by paying deeply discounted tuition fees (about $350 per quarter for up to 18 credits) while abroad.

Of note: 

  • Most students return to Seattle for spring quarter of their second year to complete any outstanding degree requirements and participate in graduation activities. 
  • All required coursework can be completed in the first three quarters.
  • The 63 credits required for the MPH can be completed in four quarters. 
  • Departmental travel grants of up to US $4,000 are often used in conjunction with on-leave or Independent Learning to fund fieldwork opportunities (room and board, travel health preparation, travel insurance, and/or supplies). 


  • Current tuition and fees can be found at the Office of Planning and Budgeting website.
  • Concurrent students pay the higher tuition of the two programs in which they are enrolled.   
  • Tuition and fees for incoming, full-time (7-18 credits) MPH students per quarter for the 2017-2018 academic year are: 
    • $7,008 per quarter for Washington state residents.
    • $11,938 per quarter for non-residents and international students.