Thesis Prerequisites 

Thesis Manual

Thesis Submission


Thesis Prerequisites

Human Subjects Training

The DGH MPH program requires students to complete human subjects training before beginning thesis work. The UW has partnered with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) to provide the required training. NIH human subjects training is also acceptable.  

To set up your account with CITI:

  • Go to and click “Register”.
  • Select “University of Washington” as your organizational affiliation.
  • Select “Continue to Step 2” and complete remaining steps in the registration process.

To register:

  • From the Main Menu, select “University of Washington Courses”, then “Add a Course”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “I am registering to take a CITI course for the first time”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page again and select “Research with human subjects” 
  • Under Course is should now say "Human Subjects Learners".
  • Click on "Human Subjects Learners" when you're ready to begin the training.   
  • When the training is complete you will receive a certificate of completion. Please upload this to the program's Catalyst dropbox.  

Use of Human and Animal Subjects Form 

The Graduate School requires all graduate students to discuss human subjects requirements with their thesis chair. 

Thesis Proposal

An approved Thesis Proposal is required for all students before commencing a thesis project . The proposal describes the purpose of the study (thesis) and the methods for accomplishing them. This requirement ensures that thesis projects are based on sound and rigorous research methods and provides an important opportunity for students to develop research design skills with expert guidance from faculty.

  • Instructions on what needs to be included in the proposal can be found in the Master of Public Health Thesis Guide.
  • When the Thesis Proposal has been approved by the thesis chair, it must be filed submitted in the program's Catalyst dropbox

Thesis Manual

The PDF iconMaster of Public Health Thesis Guide is a concise document that walks students through the complete thesis process.  

Is human subjects training needed for my thesis?

This presentation from the UW Human Subjects Division should be reviewed by all DGH MPH students.  If Human Subjects approval is needed for thesis work, students should apply through Zipline, the electronic IRB submission system. 

Thesis Submission

A must watch for all graduating students - Thesis/Dissertation Information Session

Checklists, deadlines, forms and instructions regarding submission of your thesis can be found at Submission of Your Thesis/Dissertation

Please contact the Libraries electronic theses or dissertations (ETD) team at if you have questions about copyright and fair use, permissions, open access, and other aspects of the scholarly publishing process. They can also walk you through the choices you will need to make around allowing access to your ETD in UW’s open access institutional repository, ResearchWorks. While the Graduate School’s Policy for Deposit and Dissemination requires that all ETDs be made available openly online, you do have options if you feel that such access should be delayed.


All DGH MPH students must complete a Practicum and register for 3-6 credits of G H 595. Students should review the School of Public Health Practicum website and complete the below practicum prerequisites by the end of their first quarter in the program. Documentation showing completion of the prerequisites must be uploaded to the program's Catalyst dropbox.   

  • Background check - Washington State Patrol
  • Blood-borne Pathogens Training
  • HIPAA Training 

Once the prerequisites are complete, students can begin working on the below.  NOTE: Students MUST be registered the quarter they are at their Practicum site. Exceptions are allowed if the Practicum is in between or immediately preceding or following quarters in which the student was formally enrolled. If the Practicum extends into the next quarter, the student would need to enroll to maintain coverage. Please consult the SPH Practicum office at for more information.    

  • Prerequisite Form (must be completed BEFORE Practicum begins, see above)
  • Learning Contract (must be completed BEFORE Practicum begins, this is the agreement between the student/UW SPH and the Practicum site)  
  • Mid-point Review (must completed at actual midpoint of Practicum)
  • Final Evaluation (see forms on SPH Practicum website for this and the below)
  • Written Assignment 
  • Practicum Poster
  • Final Checklist