Master of Public Health

Global Health MPH Practicum

Global Health MPH Practicum provides students with hands-on experience in public health practice, allowing them the opportunity to apply and learn new public health strategies.

Students complete a minimum of 120 hours in their practicum and are afforded the opportunity to develop and apply certain competencies that can be better developed outside of the classroom such as: development of leadership ability and group process skills, political awareness and communication skills, understanding of public and private financing mechanisms, and understanding organizational behavior.

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Global Health MPH Thesis

The Global Health MPH Thesis is an original, independent scholarly analysis of a practice-based or research-based project that aims to generate new knowledge of a public health problem with broad implications or to address a very specific public health problem in a distinct cultural setting.

Students work closely with a committee of faculty members who provide advice on the design, implementation, and write up of the thesis. Students spend on average 6-8 months on their thesis, generally in their second year in the program. 

  • Thesis Manual for Current Studentsapplication-pdf.pngThesis Guide_May 2019.pdf
  • UW Libraries archives Global Health MPH theses. Please take a look here
  • For a closer look at some of the Spring 2019 MPH Thesis Presentations, visit this page


Examples of second year student projects