Degree Requirements

Degree requirements are the same as those of the General Track which provides maximal flexibility to develop an individualized program. Graduates of the Global Health MPH program will be able to approach global health issues with a solid grounding in basic public health disciplines. They will have practical experience, be skilled in applied research, and have an understanding of the sociopolitical matrix of health determinants of low and middle income countries (LMICs).

Admission Requirements

Competitive applicants will have some health-related work, research, or volunteer experience in an LMIC and plan to integrate global health research or practice into their medical career. Applicants who already possess a MD or are medical students at a school other than the UW should apply to the General track.

Eligible applicants to the Concurrent MD/MPH track include:

  • University of Washington medical students who are currently enrolled at a WWAMI site, are enrolled in or planning to enroll in the Global Health Pathway, and are in good academic standing, or
  • Applicants who have received an offer of admission to the UW School of Medicine (SOM). Applicants will receive notification of acceptance to the MD/MPH before the deadline to accept the SOM admissions offer. 

Application Instructions

Students currently in their 1st , 2nd, or 3rd year at the School of Medicine should submit one PDF file that includes the required documents in the order listed below to Please be sure to include your name at the top of each document.

  • Resume/CV*
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Personal History Statement
  • Supplemental Questions
  • Funding & Year in Medical School 
  • Additional Letter of Recommendation (optional)**

All other required materials will be forwarded by the SOM to the Department of Global Health. NOTE: When submitting your application materials please include in your e-mail the names of two recommenders from your AMCAS application whose letters you would like us to use for your MPH application. If you decide not to submit the optional additional letter of recommendation then please include the names of three recommenders.

*It is recommended that students submit an updated Resume/CV if they have obtained additional experience since applying to medical school.

**It is also advisable to submit at least one new letter of recommendation from someone who can speak about any global public health experience a student may have. The recommendation letter can be sent from the person writing the recommendation directly to the Global Health MD/MPH Program at

Detailed information on the application documents 

  • Resume/CV (no more than 3 pages)
  • Statement of Purpose (The below questions are meant to assist the admissions committee identify applicants that are best suited to our program. Each question should be answered in 200-500 words.)
    1. Please articulate your experiences in global health and why obtaining an MPH will assist you in your career goals. The following prompts can be used: Why are you seeking an MPH? Why are you interested in the UW Department of Global Health? Why do you want an MPH at this moment in your life? What skills do you hope to gain/ How does this degree fit within your career trajectory?
    2. Our program is fast-paced and rigorous in quantitative and qualitative methods, writing, and critical thinking. Please give an example of how you persevered in an academic or work academic situation where you might have been under-prepared for what was being asked of you.
    3. Please describe and example of a global health problem you have encountered and your response to that problem.
  • Personal History Statement (This response should be no more than 200-500 words.)
    • We actively seek and welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
    • In this section please describe how your racial, socioeconomic, cultural, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, ability or disability, and other individual characteristics have influenced your personal development, career plans, and decision to apply to this program. In addition, how have these factors impacted your work with marginalized or disenfranchised communities?
    • Optional: You may also use this space to explain any factors that might have affected and/or interfered with your career trajectory, both personally and/or professionally. Examples include: gaps in resume, decline in GPA, limited global health experience, etc.
  • Supplemental Questions
    • Please share your areas of interest in global health and list any faculty (if any) you have already connected with for potential research (thesis) projects.
    • Please share the names of program faculty, staff, students, or alumni you have spoken to about this program.
  • Funding and Year in Medical School
    • If you have applied for or received a fellowship, scholarship, or funding of any kind which you will be using to help fund your MPH, please indicate the funding program name, program director or contact person if any, and your current status with the program.
    • Please indicate what year you are currently in at the SOM.

Program Timeline

Students in this track complete one full year (three academic quarters) of MPH-only coursework after the second or third year of medical school. International work occurs in summers, between rotations, in specialized rotations, or by taking time off. Due to the necessity of meshing MPH and medical school curricula, MD/MPH students work closely with their academic advisers to ensure completion of all requirements.

* Practicum requirement may be fulfilled by the Global Health Immersion Program (GHIP) or by a Rural Underserved Opportunities Program (RUOP) experience that incorporates cross-cultural learning. For more information on this, please email

† Ideally, students will complete their thesis before MS Year 4, although many students need some time in this year to complete their write-up and prepare for the oral presentation.

MD/MPH Contact Information:

Jason Beste, MD/MPH Track Director (for academic oversight and faculty advising for admitted students), MPH Staff Advisor (for questions on MPH eligibility and admissions), UWSOM Director of Proactive Advising (for MD schedule implications and other MD student inquiries), Global Health Pathway (for questions about the School of Medicine Global Health Pathway)