International students have many resources at the UW. The below are main points of contact for international students and their families.


The International Student Services office or ISS provides visa and immigration advising to international students who are at the UW on F or J student visas. All international students are assigned an ISS advisor. Students should contact their ISS advisor upon arriving in the United States and before making plans to travel out of the country as a student.

ISS also coordinates the check-in process for international students. Students do not need to report directly to the ISS office, however, they must upload electronic copies of their immigration documents and attend their info session during FIUTS Welcome Weeks. Instructions can be found here

Also critical is making sure international students enter their local address in their MyUW account correctly, using the USPS format.   Even if in temporary housing at first, that must be entered on a short-term basis.  Once housing is finalized it must be entered as the local address in in MyUW.

Home-stays, sightseeing, and connecting with other international students  

The Foundation for International Understanding Through Students or FIUTS (pronounced Fy-Utes) is a UW organization that connects UW students to local and global communities through programs that build international awareness, cross-cultural communication, and informed leadership. Highlights of the organization include organizing the UW International Student Orientation, a robust Homestay Program (for newly arrived international students), English conversation groups, art walks, outdoor recreation, travel to Seattle sightseeing destinations, and a free monthly lunch. 

International Student Success Committee (ISSC)

The International Student Success Committee  (ISSC) facilitates interdepartmental collaboration to develop a holistic understanding of the international student experience at the University of Washington. This working group is made up of representatives from various departments on campus whose work involves supporting international students.



Optional Practical Training (OPT) provides F-1 students an opportunity for hands-on work experience (work authorization) related to a student’s academic field of study. It is a benefit for international students studying in the U.S., is managed through the ISS office, and requires program support to apply.  Department of Global Health MPH students can apply for Post-completion OPT after their thesis is accepted by their thesis committee and the Graduate School.

Beginning Spring Quarter 2018, International Student Services (ISS) will implement a Post-Completion Training fee for students applying for U.S. government authorized programs such as Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Academic Training (AT). All F-1 and J-1 visa holders applying for OPT or AT with an academic completion date on or after, June 8, 2018, will be required to pay the fee. Please reference the Frequently Asked Questions and meet with your ISS Advisor for more information about this change.


Curricular Practical Training is temporary authorization for practical training directly related to a student’s field of study. CPT is only approved for international students in the DGH MPH program who are completing their Practicum; students should talk with their ISS advisor to determine is CPT is needed.