Where did you live before coming to UW and/or where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  After completing nursing school in 2016, I was accepted into an ICU nursing residency program at UCLA. I packed up my car and moved to Los Angeles and lived there for two years.  After two years there, I decided to take on the adventure of travel nursing. In this role, I got to live in many wonderful cities throughout the US including Columbus, San Francisco, and Boston. I have now been in Seattle for a little over 3 years.

What is your background in public health/global health?

During my undergraduate career, I had the opportunity to volunteer in some of the underserved communities of inner-city Cleveland.  This provided important insight on the care gaps that still exist in the US today.  I have also participated in health promotion initiatives in the Dominican Republic and Nepal.  Since moving to Seattle, I have become a volunteer at Crisis Connections, the mental health and suicide hotline, and have become a member of the Public Health Reserve Corps. I am also a Continuity of Care Nurse at Harborview Medical Center.  This role allows me to work closely with highly diverse and often vulnerable populations here in Washington. I assist these individuals with getting the supports they need to succeed once they leave the hospital and go back out into the community.

Why did you choose to get your MPH in global health at the UW?

In addition to the MPH curriculum, I am also earning a DNP in Population Health and Systems Leadership.  Completing these degrees concurrently is not offered anywhere else and I was so excited to be a member of two very impressive departments, The School of Nursing and the School of Public Health. I was excited to find a university that prioritizes public health and health equity as much as UW as well.

What has the cohort experience been like for you (so far)?

So far, I have had a wonderful time getting to know my cohort.  We are all from such different and rich backgrounds, I look forward to a continuous learning journey with all of them! Learning from each other is just as important as learning from the teaching team and I am proud to be surrounded by such passionate and driven individuals.

What do you enjoy most about Seattle?

I love being so close to outdoor activities! I love to hike and kayak so Seattle is the perfect mix of water and land.

What advice do you have for students interested in applying to the program?

Believe in yourself! We all have such interesting and diverse backgrounds that brings so much depth to the collective learning experience of each cohort.  If you are passionate about global health and want to make a difference both locally as well as globally, you will find a home here to grow and thrive.