Washington Global Health Alliance Discovery Series

A collaboration with the Department of Global Health and the Washington Global Health Alliance, this lecture series was initiated to spark discussion within the university and community about drug discovery and science and other relevant topics of importance to the field of global health. The series is co-led by faculty members Rachel Nugent, PhD, and Thomas Hawn, MD, PhD, and administered by the Global Health Resource Center. Lectures are typically held monthly on the University of Washington campus. The lecture is followed by a networking reception.

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Past Lectures:



“Racing to Achieve Food Security in a Changing Climate: Running in Place”
Thursday, May 28, 2015
  • John Antle, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Applied Economics, Oregon State University
  • Kristie Ebi, PhD, MPH, Professor, Dept. of Global Health & Dept. of Environment and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington
  • Rachel Nugent, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, Dept. of Global Health, University of Washington
  • Jon Padgham, PhD, Deputy Director, International START Secretariat
  • Moderator: Laura Birx, MPH, Program Officer, Agriculture-Nutrition, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Allyn Taylor, JD, LLM, JSD (PDF of poster)
Affiliate Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law
Adjunct Professor of International Relations, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International
Consultant, Center for Science in the Public Interest Studies
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
“The Increasing Weight of Regulation: National and International Strategies to Counter the Global Obesity Epidemic” 

Thomas H. Bornemann, EdD (PDF of poster)
Director, Mental Health Program, The Carter Center
February 23, 2015
"Scaling Up Mental Health Services in Challenging Environments: Liberia, A Case Study"
Webcast Recording

Joseph J.Y. Sung, MD, PhD (PDF of poster)
Vice-Chancellor and President, Chinese University of Hong Kong
January 22, 2015
“Plague, SARS, Avian Flu and Ebola: Have We Learned Anything Yet?” 



Julia Bunting (PDF of poster)
Global Dir. of Program and Technical Div., International Planned Parenthood Federation
Lecturer, 5th Annual Maternal Health Lecture Series in Honor of Beth Peterman
December 8, 2014
"Lifecycles–a Perspective on Reproductive and Maternal Health"
*In partnership with the 5th Annual Maternal Health Lecture Series in Honor of Beth Peterman*

Scott Lindquist, MD, MPH (PDF of poster)
Washington State Epidemiologist for Communicable Disease
Joe DiCarlo
Vice President, Programs, Medical Teams International
Ann Marie Kimball, MD, MPH
Professor Emerita, University of Washington
Karin Huster, RN, MPH
Consultant, Health in Emergencies, Last Mile Health, Liberia
December 4, 2014
"Contagion-Ebola Facts & Fiction Town Hall"
*Cosponsored by the Washington Global Health Alliance and CodeMed

Dr. Muhsin Al-Sabbak (PDF of poster)
Obstetrician, Basrah Maternity Hospital, Iraq
Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, PhD
Environmental Toxicologist, Independent Researcher
October 27, 2014
“The Epidemic of Birth Defects in Iraq: Conversations with an Iraqi Doctor” 

Mark Rosenberg, MD, MPP (PDF of poster)
President and CEO, The Task Force for Global Health
May 5, 2014
“The Gun Violence Morass:  Science Can Get Us Out of It”  

Sandeep Kishore, PhD, MDc
Chairman, Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network
Plenary speaker, Western Regional International Health Conference
April 6, 2014
"Social Justice, Social Activism: Toward A Revolutionary Vision for Global Health"

Anurag Mairal, PhD (PDF of poster)
Global Program Leader, Technology Solutions Global Program, PATH
February 27, 2014
“Accelerating Innovation to Save Lives and Improve Health in Low-Resource Settings”

James Blanchard, MD, MPH, PhD (PDF of poster)
February 20, 2014-4:30 p.m. 
“Strategies and Tactics for HIV Prevention – Lessons from the Field”



Maurizio Vecchione (PDF of poster)
Vice President, Global Good, Intellectual Ventures
December 5, 2013 
“Unlocking the Power of Invention for Developing Countries” 

Ana Langer, MD (PDF of poster)
Director, Maternal Health Task Force Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health
November 7, 2013
“Global Health for Women, Children and Adolescents: Making a Difference Across the Lifespan”

Olufunmilayo I. Olopade, MD, FACP, OON (PDF of poster)
Director, Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics, University of Chicago
October 3, 2013
“Leapfrogging Global Breast Cancer Research”

Gavin Churchyard, MBBCh, M.Med, FCP, PhD (PDF of poster)
Founder and CEO, Aurum Institute for Health Research University of Kwa-Zulu Natal
May 14, 2013 
“Controlling TB in HIV Prevalent Settings: Recent Advances and Future Prospects”

Robert Newman, MD, MPH (PDF of poster)
Director of the Global Malaria Programme, World Health Organization 
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Global Health, University of Washington 
April 17, 2013
“Malaria Today: Challenges and Opportunities”

Nancy Krebs, MD, MS (PDF of poster)
Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado, Denver
February 21, 2013
“Global Stunting: Is there a Role for Postnatal Nutrition?”

Guy Palmer, DVM, PhD (PDF of poster)
Washington State University, The Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology
January 29, 2013
“Global Health Through a Multi-Disciplinary Lens”



Chris Elias, MD, MPH (PDF of poster)
President, Global Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
November 15, 2012
"Ending Polio: Closer Than Ever" 

Bernard Weigl, PhD, MSc
Ali Mokdad, PhD

James LoGerfo, MD, MPH, FACP
Sheridan Reiger, MDc, MPHc
(PDF of poster) 
October 8, 2012
"Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: Finding Sustainable Solutions in Low and Middle Resource Countries” 

Keith Klugman, MBBCh, PhD (PDF of Poster)
May 8, 2012
"Influenza and the Pneumococcus: a Deadly Synergism”

Ruth Nduati, MBChB, MMed, MPH (PDF of Poster)
March 13, 2012
"Kenya Ministry of Health Proposed Framework for Elimination of Paediatric HIV and the Anticipated Challenges" 

Richard Lester (PDF of Poster)
January 31, 2012
"mHealth and Global HIV/AIDS Control: What Works and Where Is It Going?"



William Petri, MD, PhD (PDF of Poster)
October 27, 2011
"Nature, Nurture and Nutrition: Genetic Clues As To Why All Children Are Not Created Equal In Susceptibility To Malnutrition"

Sharon L. Hillier, PhD (PDF of poster)
July 25, 2011
"The Power of Topical Antiretrovirals for Prevention of HIV"

Caroline Ryan, MD, MPH (PDF of poster)
May 24, 2011
"The Second Phase of PEPFAR - from an Emergency to Sustainable Response"

Jaime Sepulveda, MD, MPH, DrSc, MSc (PDF of Poster)
April 29, 2011
"Mesoamerica: Health Opportunities for a Neglected Region" 

Vikram Patel Vikram Patel, MSc, MRCPsych, PhD, FMedSci (PDF of poster)
March 16, 2011
"Why Mental Health Matters to Global Health"
Charlie Mock Charlie Mock, MD, MPH, PhD, FACS (PDF of poster)
February 28, 2011
"Confronting the Global Burden of Injuries and Violence"
Jonathan Patz , MD, MPH (PDF of poster)
January 4, 2011
" Climate Change and Health: Dark Clouds and Golden Opportunities "


Joel Berg Joel Berg , DDS, MS (PDF of poster)
November 1, 2010
" Open Wide: An Examination of the International Oral Health Crisis "
Margaret Kielian, PhD  [PDF of poster]
October 4, 2010
" How Viruses Infect Cells: The Molecular Mechanism of Virus Membrane Fusion "

Timothy Hallet, PhD  [PDF of poster]
July 6, 2010
" The Next Phase of the HIV Pandemic "   

Jeffrey Koplan, MD, MPH [PDF of poster]
May 26, 2010
" The Neglected Communicable Diseases: CVD, Diabetes, Cancer, Injuries, etc. "   

Stephen Moses, MD, MPH [PDF of poster]
May 19, 2010
"Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention: Science and Policy"   

Ambassador Mark Dybul, MD [PDF of poster]
April 21, 2010
" PEPFAR: A Case Study on How to Save Lives by Breaking All the Rules "   

Gilbert Burnham, MD, MPH [PDF of poster]
March 15, 2010
"Afghanistan After Five Years: Measuring the Performance of the Health System in a Fragile State"   

Robert Newman, MD, MPH [PDF of poster]
February 22, 2010
" Malaria Control Beyond 2010 "   

Stefano Bertozzi, MD, PhD [PDF of poster]
February 18, 2010
"Less AIDS for the Money" 

Richard Chaisson, MD [PDF of poster]
January 19, 2010
"What Will It Take To Control TB?" 

Tanya Parish, PhD [PDF of poster]
January 11, 2010
"How Biology Informs Drug Discovery for Tuberculosis"



Kavita Ramdas, MPA [PDF of poster]
October 5, 2009
"Women’s Health: What’s Security Got to Do with It?"

Craig Rubens, MD, PhD [PDF of poster]
September 21, 2009
"Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth (GAPPS)"


W. Conrad Lilies, MD, PhD [PDF of poster]
August 24, 2009
“Beyond Antimalarials - Harnessing the Host Response to Improve Clinical Outcome in Cerebral Malaria”

Lydia Mpanga Sebuyira, MD, MA [PDF of poster]
July 20, 2009
"Partnerships across Boundaries: The West African Infectious Diseases Institute Model".
Powerpoint Presentation

Paul Farmer, MD, PhD  [PDF of poster]
June 18, 2009
"A Conversation with Dr. Paul Farmer Moderated by Dr. Chris Elias"

David Fleming, MD; Kathleen Neuzil. MD, MPH; Ann Marie Kimball, MD, MPH; Alan Diercks, PhD [PDF of poster]
May 4, 2009
'Update on the Evolving Swine Influenza Outbreak'
Powerpoint Presentation

Phil Borges [PDF of poster]
April 30, 2009
'Global Health Discovery Through the Lens'

Peter Piot, MD, PhD [PDF of poster]
March 2, 2009
'The Transformational Nature of the AIDS Response: Opportunities for Global Health'
Video Excerpts and Podcast
Powerpoint Presentation

Benjamin O. Anderson, MD [PDF of poster]
February 2, 2009
'Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI): Implementing Cancer Care Guidelines in Limited-Resource Settings'

Lawrence Corey, MD; Stefan Kappe, PhD; Franco Piazza, MD, MPH; Kathleen Neuzil, MD, MPH [PDF of poster]
January 22, 2009
'Vaccines: Local Remedies for Global Challenges?'



Catherine Wilfert, MD [PDF of poster]
December 1, 2008
'Global Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV-1'
Link to media gallery for presentation and audio.
Powerpoint Presentation

Douglas Young, MS, PhD [PDF of poster]
October 6, 2008
“Developing Drugs for Treatment of Latent TB”

Robert Sinden, PhD [PDF of poster]
July 28, 2008
'Understanding Malaria Development in the Mosquito, and its Pivotal Role in the Formulation of Effective Control Strategies'
Powerpoint Presentation

David Heymann, MD [PDF of poster]
June 19, 2008
'Challenges and Controversies in Polio Eradication'
Powerpoint Presentation

Peter Hotez, MD, PhD [PDF of poster]
June 9, 2008
'Innovation for the Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases'
Powerpoint Presentation

Ali Mokdad [PDF of poster]
June 2, 2008
'Surveillance in a Changing Environment'
Powerpoint Presentation

Supamit Chinsuttiwat [PDF of poster]
May 22, 2008
'Response to Avian Influenza and Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza: Thailand's Experience'
Powerpoint Presentation

Mark Kane, MD, MPH [PDF of poster]
April 7, 2008
'The Revolution in Global Immunization'

Fil Randazzo [PDF of poster]
March 3, 2008
'Working Towards Global Health Solutions'

Sir Richard Feachem [PDF of poster]
February 4, 2008
'Global Health: Critical Issues for the Next Decade'

Bill Foege [PDF of poster]
January 7, 2008
'Global Health a Voyage of Discovery'
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