Thomas Francis, Jr. Global Health Fellowship


The Thomas Francis, Jr., Global Health Fellowship provides financial assistance to graduate or professional students across disciplines at the UW to gain practical global health experience in other cultures, usually developing countries. The endowment was established in memory of Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr., a notable physician, virologist, and epidemiologist. He was instrumental in teaching Jonas Salk the methodology of vaccine development, which ultimately led to the polio vaccine.

The fellowship, started in 2008, has been awarded to students in law, geography, public health, social welfare, engineering, public policy, epidemiology, and statistics. Students have studied in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Peru, Senegal, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Uganda.

The purpose of the Thomas Francis, Jr. Global Health Fellowship is to promote global health by providing financial assistance to graduate or professional students who would like to gain practical global health field experience in international and/or underserved community settings.  Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr. taught Dr. Jonas Salk the methodology of vaccine development, and designed and directed the Salk polio vaccine clinical trials.

Eligible students may be enrolled in any graduate or professional school at the University of Washington, and must submit a project proposal that addresses a global health issue or problem.  Projects should be one month to three months in length and must be completed by the end of Spring Quarter 2016. The Fellowship of up to $4,000 (USD) can be used to support student travel costs, including room and board, travel health preparation, travel insurance and/or supplies for a particular global health project.   The Fellowship cannot be used to cover tuition costs, school supplies, conference attendance or other non-project related expenses.  All students who receive a fellowship must attend a pre-departure orientation.

Applications will be scored based on the strength of the proposal, the relevance to global health and the applicant’s academic and career goals, the significance to the host organization and the commitment by the host organization supervisor and a University of Washington faculty mentor.  Fellowship recipients must meet all program deadlines, attend a travel preparation orientation and participate in other Thomas Francis, Jr. Global Health Fellowship activities.  If a student is awarded and accepts the Fellowship, they must immediately withdraw their applications to other funding programs.

Fellowship-specific Eligibility Criteria:

  • Identify an international experience, host organization (local or global) and host organization supervisor
  • Identify a University of Washington faculty mentor to assist you with the development of a project and connect the experience to your academic program and career goals

Supporting documentation must include:

Apply now using the Common Application. All documents must be submitted via Catalyst Dropbox by 11:59 p.m., Friday, February 27, 2015. (Closed)

Previous Thomas Francis Jr. Global Health Fellows

2014 Thomas Francis, Jr. Fellows:
Adrian Hughes, Pharmacy, Namibia
Stephanie Kovacs, Public Health/Epidemiology, United Kingdom
Diana Marangu, Public Health/Global Health, Kenya
Manuela Raunig-Berhó, Global Health, Mozambique
Andrew Secor, Public Health/Global Health, Kenya
Yu Yu, Public Health/Global Health, India

2013 Thomas Francis, Jr. Fellows:
Engi Attia, Fellow/Public Health, Kenya
Gena Barnabee, Public Health/Public Affairs, Timor-Leste
Maria Echavarria, Public Health, USA
Jean Marie Frederic, Public Heath, Haiti
Solomon Lubinga, Pharmacy, Uganda
Marita Mann, Pharmacy, Namibia
Alastair Matheson, Public Health, Kenya
Anna Walton, Medicine, Guatemala  

2012 Thomas Francis, Jr. Fellows:
Adam Akullian, Epidemiology, Uganda, Nairobi, Paris
Halley Brunsteter, Global Health, Nepal
Amy Cizik, Pharmacy, Tanzania
Silvia Huaynoca, Global Health, Switzerland
Paul Jensen, Epidemiology, Vietnam
Laura Newman, Epidemiology, Kenya
Sheridan Reiger, Medicine/Global Health, Nicaragua
Jenna Urden, Public Health/Global Health, India
Anjuli Wagner, Epidemiology, Kenya

2011 Thomas Francis, Jr. Fellows
Elise Fields, Namibia
Annique Lennon, South Africa
Francisco Saavedra, Mexico
Diego Solares, Thailand

2010 Thomas Francis, Jr. Fellows
Kristin Beima-Sofie, Kenya
Jen Berthiaume, Timor-Leste
Helen Gerns, Kenya
Natalie Hale, Philippines
Julianna Rigg-Hillard, Zambia
Erica Nelson, Ethopia
Alex Quistberg, Peru
Estell Williams, Nicaragua

2009 Thomas Francis, Jr. Fellows
Anne Buffardi, Public Affairs, Peru
Jeff Chamberlain, Bioengineering, Mexico
Noah Barclay-Derman, Global Health, Namibia
Sarah Hohl, Public Health/Global Health, Timor-Leste
Ali Ibrahim, Global Health, Ghana
Jeffrey Lane, Law/Public Health/Health Services, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania
Gail Potter, Statistics, Senegal
Jonathan Sugimoto, Public Health/Epidemiology, Senegal

2008 Thomas Francis, Jr. Fellows
Donee Alexander, Civil & Environental Engineering, Bolivia
Christina Arredondo, Medicine, Mexico
Lillian Benjamin, Global Health/International Studies, Gabon
Mara Brain, Public Health/Global Health/Public Affairs, Uganda
Peris Kibera, Social Welfare/Public Health/Global Health, Kenya
Sarah Paige
, Geography, Uganda
Jill Brunner Scott, Law/Public, Switzerland
Kelley VanBuskirk, Epidemiology, Thailand