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Amy Hagopian

Associate Professor, Global Health
Associate Professor, Health Services

Health Alliance International
1107 NE 45th Street, Suite 350
Seattle, WA

206-685-4184 (Fax)

MHA (University of Washington)
PhD (University of Washington)


International health workforce issues, the effects of war on global health

Affiliated Organizations

Health Alliance International (HAI)

Biography and Research Interests 

Amy Hagopian directs the UW's Community Oriented Public Health Practice program, in the Department of Health Services, which trains MPH students using problem based learning. Her courses are in evaluation, policy and international health. She also conducts research on international health workforce issues, especially the area of health worker migration from low-income countries to wealthy countries.

She serves on various institutional service committees, and was an organizer of the University of Basrah sister university project (since 2005).

Before entering the global health arena, Hagopian worked for 15 years in the area of rural health and community development, traveling the five-state region served by the University of Washington School of Medicine. She focused on strengthening and expanding rural health systems, as she worked with administrators, boards and communities in the settings of hospitals, clinics and public health departments.

Hagopian is also active in her professional association, the American Public Health Association, where she serves as nominating chair to the International Health Section. She is also active in her own local community, where she serves as a board member of College Access Now, which works to assist first-generation students gain admission to college. She also works to eliminate military recruitment in high schools.

Selected Publications 

Pfeiffer J, Beschta J, Hohl S, Gloyd S, Hagopian A, Wasserheit J. Competency-Based Curricula to Transform Global Health: Redesign with the End in Mind. Academic Medicine. 2013:88(1).

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Thompson MJ, Hagopian A, Fordyce M, Hart LG. Do international medical graduates (IMGs) "fill the gap" in rural primary care in the United States? A national study. J Rural Health. 2009 Spring;25(2):124-34.PMID: 19785577.