Graduate Certificate in Global Health

Due to a recent transition, the department no longer accepts Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) students to our certificate programs.

Program Overview

A graduate certificate program is a linked series of credit bearing graduate courses that constitutes a coherent body of study and culminates in a capstone project. The Global Health curriculum emphasizes the sociopolitical, economic, and geographic factors that, in addition to biomedical factors, have an impact on health in developing countries. The Graduate Certificate in Global Health is intended to enhance the education of matriculated UW graduate students and professional students beyond their regular course of study.


Students will qualify for the certificate upon completion of 15 credits of approved coursework, a global health work experience, and a culminating capstone project.  The course requirements include the following:

Information Sessions

A campus-wide information session will be held each quarter so that potential participants can ask questions. We prefer that you attend one of these sessions if possible rather than contacting our office for individual appointments. Information sessions directly follow the Global Health Seminar (which is held on Fridays from 12:30-1:50 p.m.). You are encouraged to attend seminar before the info session in order to get a sense of the program.  Upcoming sessions:

October 2014 TBD


Applications for the Global Health Certificate program are accepted throughout the year and reviewed quarterly.  Please send the following items:

  • The completed application form: Application Form [Word Doc].
  • Current UW Graduate School transcripts (unofficial will suffice).
  • The Planning Form [Word Doc].  As this point, you may only be able to plan the courses and have a vague idea of what your work/capstone will entail.  This form can be turned in multiple times as you become clearer on how you will fulfill each requirement.
  • A faculty advisor’s signature on the planning form.


You can email this information to or send to:

Graduate Certificate in Global Health
Department of Global Health
Harris Hydraulics Building
1705 NE Pacific Street
University of Washington, Box 357965
Seattle, WA, 98195

For additional information, contact the Certificate Staff at:
206.897.1804 or